Teresa has helped me relax deeply each month and made my posture better. She is like taking a big vitamin. Treat yourself.

 Meaghan Scott

I can't say enough good things about Teresa - she's great!  I'm sad I didn't find her earlier on my trip to Paris.  I was having lots of shoulder pain & associated headaches but they are almost completely cleared up.  She has an intuitive sense of what your body needs and is willing to spend extra time to get all the tension & kinks out.  I'm really going to miss her luxurious massages but plan on making an appointment whenever I'm in town! 


I can now vouch for this. Met Teresa for a long overdue massage, those heavy legs feel so much lighter, she is very good and a beautiful person. Totally recommend.
Elaine Ditty

Teresa is hands down the best massage therapist I've met in Paris. Having been the office manager of a massage therapy center in California and being a very big supporter of deep tissue massages, I had been looking for just the right massage therapist ever since I moved to Paris six years ago. I was referred to Teresa by a friend who couldn't stop raving about her work. Having decided that my body was too sore to go without bodywork, I readily made an appointment with Teresa. The moment I walked into her massage space, I knew I had found the perfect person. The room is clean and convivial, perfect for relaxing away all the aches and pains. Teresa has a strong, gifted touch and a warm, caring demeanor. Her deep tissue technique is spot on with the deft ability at finding all the tension and melting it away. I always leave her sessions feeling brand new, like I'm floating on a cloud. I've recommended Teresa to all my friends and family members and I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for healing bodywork. 
Thank you!

I had a wonderful massage from Teresa. She made sure I was comfortable and asked how intense I wanted the massage to be. The pressure was just right - not too intense , but a little deeper in the areas where I requested it. I felt great after the massage and wouldn't  hesitate to recommend Teresa.
Margaret Navarro-Jones

Teresa is a magician with her hands. She has the ability to know exactly how you're feeling, even when you don't,  and start the healing process in your body. She is very strong for a tiny woman! Her deep tissue massages are the perfect time for me to relax, unwind and let go as Teresa takes the time to heal me.
Razwana Wahid

After being massage by Teresa my joint pains, muscle aches and stiffness on my neck are gone - I feel better. Thank you Teresa.
Marie Nicole

I had a fantastic massage by Teresa. Have had a massive migraine for 4 days running and nothing I did or took would get rid of it until Teresa's massage. I used to have massages back home and other places I'd lived but gave up trying to find one in Paris - so it was a wonderful surprise to have this very deep intensive massage! Thanks Teresa!!
Mirella Sobolewski

Je m'appelle Malika je reside dans le 92. Je suis atteinte d'une Polyarthrite Rhumatoide depuis deux ans et demie. Les douleurs est un des symptomesde cette maladie. J'ai évidemment un traitement de fond mais j'ai régulièrement besoin de décontracter mon corps par des massages. J'ai entendu parler de Teresa par le biais d'une connaissance dans mon travail, j'ai pris rendez-vous avec elle une semaine après. Ayant essayé plusieurs kinés auparavant je trouve que les massages de Teresa, meme si ce n'est pas dans le cadre d'une kinésithérapie, excellents. Pour ma part, cela me permet de sentir mon corps sans douleurs pendants quelques temps. Je suis ravie de sa prestation.
Malika LARBI

I came to Paris from New Zealand 15 years ago - massages were the norm. Its taken me all this time to find someone as good as I'm used to. Teresa is a great therapist - I highly recommend her.
Linda Acker

I loved my first massage so much that I made it a regular monthly treat for myself. Teresa’s massage is deeply relaxing and also helps with aches and pains. She is exceptionally attentive to my needs as a client and always makes sure I’m warm and comfortable during the massage. Her kind and gentle nature makes the entire interaction pleasant and relaxing. I could not recommend her strongly enough.

Janne Flostrand

Teresa is a wonderful deep tissue therapist - the best I have ever had in Paris. I am looking forward to regular massage sessions with her.
Ursane Max

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Finding Teresa ended my years-long search for a truly gifted massage therapist in Paris. Teresa can do deep tissue work, she knows where you hurt and uses a mixture of pressure, kneading and stretching to release whatever knots you have. She takes her role as therapist seriously and I am always profoundly relaxed and pain-free after a session with her. All this, and Teresa is a lovely person to boot! Rachel G

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

My massage with Teresa was absolute bliss and truly one of the best I have had in my life. Teresa is incredibly welcoming and kind and exudes zen and wellbeing. The massage room is warm and cosy and I felt at home straight away. She is also generous with both her time and her prices, and I loved feeling I could take my time and wasn't being rushed along or rushed out.  I loved the mixture of gentle relaxation but also deep tissue work that Teresa did and that I could feel at a profound level. She intuitively knows exactly what your body needs and I felt safe and relaxed immediately.
When I arrived I was exhausted and stressed. Thanks to Teresa I was able to switch off and just let her hands work their magic. Wow! I walked out feeling as though I was floating on air, no exaggeration. And I felt the benefits for days afterwards. Thank you so much Teresa, I will definitely be back soon.